Frequently Asked Questions

Paediatric specialist care

We’re glad we can help! If your general dentist has referred your child to see us it is best to give us a call and let us know you have a referral. Click here. Children who have a referral are prioritized to see one of our highly experienced specialist pediatric dentists. We recommend you send us any x-rays and the referral itself ahead of time so that we can best prepare for your child’s dental appointment.

Children who have not attended the practice before are seen for an initial consultation with our specialist dentist. The first consultation appointment is important as this will help our team get to know your child and your child’s dental needs. We can then organise the right appointments for your child so that the best care is provided.

Yes. As part of our services offered, all of our specialist paediatric dentists offer dental treatment under general anesthetics at a range of hospitals. These include Cabrini Hospital, Sir John Monash Private Hospital, Chesterville and Frankston Private Hospital -Day Stay. After your consultation with us, we will work with you to organise a day procedure for your child at one of the hospitals.

We do not perform general anesthetics on our own private premises as this is often not suitable for children. We are lucky at Lucas Dental Care to have connections with amazing medical support teams at hospitals who are highly experienced with paediatric and special needs, and your child will benefit from this.

Yes. Happy gas otherwise known as nitrous oxide is a light sedation that is often useful to help with calming children. You are more than welcome to discuss whether this would be beneficial for your child if dental treatment is needed.

This is a very complicated situation as we always want the best care for your child. Your child will still need a consultation with our dentist, but please mention to our reception staff your child’s dental concerns and whether there is any pain. The initial consultation is important for your child as this will help us determine the best dental plan and allows for your child to get to know our dentist and team. If there is any dental related infection or pain, our team would be able to assist with reducing the pain and we would then need to organise any follow up appointments to ensure the pain doesn’t return.

Yes, Lucas Dental Care has HICAPS facilities so you can claim on your insurance when you settle your account. You would only need to pay the gap or the difference on the day of the appointment.

Some children are eligible for the Children Dental Benefits Scheme through Medicare. You would need to check your child’s eligibility with Medicare before your appointment as this is income means tested and changes every year. If you would like to utilize this benefit, please let your dentist know so that the right billing information is processed.

The account is paid in full by yourself on the day of the appointment and you would need to bring your receipt to Medicare to obtain your rebate.

Unfortunately we are not a bulk billing provider.

Other services

Lucas Dental Care have both paediatric dental specialists and general dentists to cater for our wider community. There are two general dentists available for our older patients. They are also very good with children so are able to see kids for routine dental treatment if specialist care is not required. Our general dentists are Dr Tanya Gershenzon and Dr Rachel Sim who can also provide cosmetic care.

Yes. Hillary is our Oral Health Therapist / hygienist. She is very good in all facets of prevention, and is often known for her thorough dental cleans whilst also being very gentle. She works closely and alongside our dentists.

Yes! Lucas Dental Care now offers both take-home whitening and in-chair professional ZOOM whitening.

Yes, we provide a range of orthodontic treatments, including fixed and removable orthodontic appliances (for example, braces are fixed and orthodontic plates are removable). If your treatment is more extensive, we have a list of carefully selected specialist orthodontists that we can refer you to.

If you’d like to read up on what rights you have in regards to obtaining your dental records, safety, privacy etc vist the Safety and Quality website.