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Caring for your child’s teeth during a pandemic

It’s been an interesting reality we have found ourselves in these recent weeks, with Australia facing new lockdown laws and an ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis occurring almost daily. We’ve heard the word pandemic tossed around in so many ways, with warnings from the media for weeks on end, the unescapable public hysteria, to eventually the World […]

LDC Malvern is moving!

  Lucas Dental Care Malvern has some very exciting news   We are moving!   Lucas Dental Care is starting an exciting new phase, which requires a new flagship practice to continue to provide leading dental care for you and your family.   We pride ourselves in having the best dentists in Melbourne, so it […]

Expert tips to care for your toddlers’ teeth

Seeing the first few teeth growing in your toddler’s mouth are an exciting time for a parent. Your toddler is growing, and soon by the age of three years, your toddler will have a full set of baby (primary) teeth. Did you know that the maintenance of primary teeth is important for the future development […]

New innovation for Paediatric Crowns

Stainless steel crowns have long been the only option for children but a new innovation in crown technology provides durable, precise results that are natural in appearance. Last year I received an email from a concerned parent, she asked some interesting questions about innovation in paediatric aethestic dentistry.


Author: Dr Narisha Chawla Teething is a rite of passage that all children (and parents!) have to endure. Baby teeth form while your child is still in the womb. By the time they are born, all 20 baby teeth have formed and are hidden under the gums. Baby teeth are also known as milk teeth, […]